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It is known that books have been brought to the big screen, as well as songs have been inspired by them, but others, even though they didn’t transcend to any screen, are part of our lives because of everything they taught us, the things they evoked us, and how they inspired us. Nowadays, as technology keeps progressing by leaps and bounds, and because of our modern lifestyle too, we need stories to learn from, and let our imagination soar. Now, literature is in a wide range of formats. EBooks and audiobooks are replacing paper books, in many instances, because of economy, or just to enjoy literature in a different way, like listening to your favorite book whenever andwherever you want. And that’s where WHO SOUNDS plays an important part. We offer a broad voice casting, and the tools and audio studio necessary to produce an outstanding record, taking care of even the smallest details of the reading, and showing the respect the author and the readers deserve.

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